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  • Asian Games 2023, Asian Games 2023 - India, india s historic win at asian games, Indians

    India's Historic Win at Asian Games 2023-10-07 11:57:28

    Indians bagged 100 Gold medals on their 14th day at the Asian Games 2023, in Hangzhou, the People's Republic of China. Jyothi Surekha and Ojas Pravin Deotale have bagged two Golds in the Archery contingent in men's and women’s compound....

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    MEA Advisory, MEA, mea announces advisory for indians in canada, Indians

    MEA Announces Advisory for Indians in Canada 2023-09-20 14:11:38

    After words are exchanged between India and Canada, things turned sensitive. The recent moves also spoiled the healthy relation between the nations. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issued an advisory for the Indian nationals and Indian students who are...

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    Hardik Pandya, IPL 2024, hardik pandya set to comeback to mumbai for rs 15 cr, Indians

    Hardik Pandya set to comeback to Mumbai for Rs 15 Cr 2023-11-25 10:23:49

    In what could potentially become the most talked about trade in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL), all-rounder Hardik Pandya is currently engaged in discussions with Mumbai Indians, the five-time IPL champions, for a surprising return. Pandya initially...

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    Indians in USA, Indian student assaulted news, three arrested for assaulting indian student for three months in usa, Indians

    Three arrested for assaulting Indian student for three months in USA 2023-12-01 11:48:46

    In a shocking and appalling case, a 20-year-old Indian student in the US has been rescued from months of inhumane captivity and abuse. The student, whose name has not been disclosed, endured unimaginable suffering and was subjected to physical violence,...

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    Malaysia travel, Malaysia travel, malaysia turns visa free for indians, Indians

    Malaysia turns visa-free for Indians 2023-11-28 08:08:36

    During his address at the annual congress of his People's Justice Party, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia unveiled a significant policy change regarding entry visas for Chinese and Indian citizens. Effective December 1st, Malaysia will no longer require entry...

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    Illegal Immigrants in USA, Illegal Immigrants in USA breaking news, 6 4 million illegal immigrants living in us says report, Indians

    6.4 million Illegal Immigrants living in US says Report 2023-11-23 07:43:16

    The findings of the study revealed that around three percent of the total population in the United States consisted of unauthorized immigrants, amounting to approximately 10.5 million individuals. Furthermore, these unauthorized immigrants accounted for 22 percent of the foreign-born population....

    Keywords: Illegal Immigrants in USA breaking news, Indian Illegal Immigrants in USA, Illegal Immigrants in USA latest, Indian Illegal Immigrants in USA

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