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January 25, 2020 07:47
Syamala Krishnamsetty – Indian American running for Illinois House 40th District

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In a world where the rich is becoming richer and the poor, poorer, Syamala Krishnamsetty is a name that is expected to bring forth reforms that the minorities in the society have been looking forward to. Krishnamsetty is a state representative candidate representing Springfield at the Illinois House 40th District Elections.

Krishnamsetty, who started off her career working in the social services in Englewood and Marquette Park said that those years of her work is what shaped her to become what she is now. She worked with children aged between 5 to 17 who were diagnosed with behavioural as well as emotional disorders.

These children were referred to her directly for further counseling and support by the subcontractor of a social service agency. Krishnamsetty said in the dialect that she had witnessed a number of families struggling to take care of their children and the kind of network they had around them who were willing to support them through.

The only issue through the entire process that she witnessed was corruption. She noticed how this was eating away at the good and transforming things for the people who deserved better from the society. Illegal corruption was taking a rampant growth and that too to for the worse.

It was then that she took up the initiative to actively become part of the system and fight for what’s right and for the candidates who she believed were right. She has taken the leadership for a number of candidates and issues at hand.

Chuy Garcia, Kara Eastman, Elizabeth Warren, and Lawrence Lessig are some of the names that she has worked on behalf of.

It isn’t just American organizations and drives that she has been part of, Krishnamsetty has also taken part in an initiative in Mumbai, India under an organization called Haiyya whose main objective is to enhance the “civic participation in disengaged communities.”

Over the years, Krishnamsetty realized that there is no point on being centred around the big names and big influences in the field of politics, instead, she wanted to focus on the small as well as the extensive ways that could be done to bring forth changes to the democracy and that too for the better.

She believes that more than the constant blame on the money and politics, it is high time that people start empowering the citizens to help them provide with the kind of world that they envision and want to live in.

Krishnamsetty believes that the voters in her community and her state are still not empowered enough. She believes that the choices that people are making are not just too narrow but are also consistently contributing to building a future that we are ourselves not sure about.

For the prior two years, Krishnamsetty’s primary focus has been on working better with that is programmed to help reduce and work on the practice of corruption reforms across the country.

When asked about her priorities and objectives with the campaign that she is currently running for under the Illinois House 40th District, she exclaimed saying that her three main priorities at the moment include Democracy Reform and Anti-Corruption, Restorative Justice and Abolition and Affordable Housing.

Apart from these pivotal prospects, Krishnamsetty is also going to focus on the subjects of Immigration, Environmental Policy and Education.

When asked about the ways she is thinking of bringing forth reforms to the field of education in Illinois, she highlighted the importance of public schools. She wants to empower the future of tomorrow to include their contribution better in the economy of the state and the country.

Addressing the terrible record of gun violence in the United States, Krishnamsetty believes that until the federal government works on stricter gun laws, it is likely that the country is going to suffer at the mercy of such heinous crimes. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is going to neglect this delicate subject because she believes that understanding the reasons from the roots is one of the best ways to eradicate the problem completely.

According to her website for her candidature, Krishnamsetty mentioned stating, “I am fighting for honest elections and transparency in Springfield to empower the constituents in my district.”

By Somapika Dutta

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