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  • google penguin doodle, google doodle january 16 2018, google doodle marks new year s eve with a pair of cute elephants, Elephants

    Google Doodle Marks New Year's Eve With A Pair Of Cute Elephants 2018-12-31 08:02:20

    As the world is all set to celebrate New Year's Eve 2018, Google is marking the occasion with a frisky doodle showing two baby elephants tossing balloons and chomping on popcorn.   A Google Doodle is a thematic motif used...

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    traditions of the senate, senate bean soup saveur, gavel pulses the little known links that u s senate holds with india, Elephants

    Gavel & Pulses: The Little Known Links That U.S. Senate Holds with India 2019-06-24 04:12:11

    The United States Senate shares an interesting link with India. You might have come through presiding officers in many assemblies and courts using a gavel, hammering it to the breakthrough arguments and assert authority over the proceedings. It is not...

    Keywords: pulse flour recipes, senate bean soup slow cooker, traditions of the senate, pulse flour recipes

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    north indian festivals, festivals of india images, 12 famous indian festivals and stories behind them, Elephants

    12 Famous Indian Festivals and Stories Behind Them 2019-07-02 07:13:08

    Indian festivals are predominantly noted across the world for its striking celebrations with fun and frolic. From the much-loved Diwali to crazy Holi, each and every Indian festival has a unique account for celebrating. In case you are not enlightened...

    Keywords: stories behind festivals, history of festivals, spiritual, festivals of india 2018

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    economy, privacy, facebook reliance jio deal to go to cci for further checks, Elephants

    Facebook-Reliance Jio deal to go to CCI for further checks 2020-04-23 13:48:47

    While the $5.7 billion Facebook and Reliance Jio merger has brought along a lot of boost to the Indian economy, it is likely that this deal will have to be checked by the CCI and TRAI might step in as...

    Keywords: Trai, data, Trai, CCI

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    Veerappan rating, Bollywood movie rating, veerappan movie review, Elephants

    Veerappan Movie Review 2016-05-26 14:19:25

    Veerappan is the story of dangerous and merciless Veerappan who has been a sandalwood smuggler and killed many police officers along with elephants. The movie starts off with a brutal killing of police officers. The movie follows the narration of...

    Keywords: Veerappan movie review, Bollywood movie rating, Veerappan, Veerappan rating

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    safety, elephants, tamed elephants in india to get unique identification numbers like aadhar, Elephants

    Tamed Elephants in India to get Unique Identification Numbers like Aadhar 2020-09-22 10:46:31

    India has 2454 domesticated elephants out of which 1000 are in Assam, 500 in Kerala, and 300 in Tamil Nadu. The Wildlife Institue of India is collecting the DNA of the elephants across all states in India so that a...

    Keywords: unique identification number, safety, safety, elephants

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