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April 23, 2020 09:04
What can you do to save Earth?

The world celebrated the “World Earth Day” yesterday on April 22, 2020. While there is not just one day that you need to think of your planet, this is a good start to fight against the constant issues of climate change and the degrading condition of the planet. With the entire world suffering from a global pandemic, not is the time to reverse the impacts that we humans have left on this planet. Now is the time to act and do our part to help prevent further deterioration of the planet’s natural resources.

So, what can you do to save Earth?

Be vocal

The first step to saving your planet is to be vocal about what’s wrong and what’s right. Thinking that your voice doesn’t matter is not something you can afford right now. Given how bad the situations are becoming and how real climate change is, it is high time that one raises their voice against the injustice that we have imposed on this planet. Take Greta Thunberg, for example. This 15-year old girl did the unimaginable and is working to make this planet a better place for the future generations. If she also thought whether or not being vocal would work, things would have been a lot different now.

Use energy efficient electric items

Instead of just cranking up the most power consuming bulb, one small step that you can take towards a better tomorrow is by using energy efficient light bulbs. This won’t create a huge impact but smaller impacts can pile up to make a big one. Since it reduces the amount of power you are utilising, it requires lesser non-renewable resources to generate power and hence save the reserves of it for the future generations.

Focus on your commute

Everyone wants to flaunt their money and their status. While there is nothing wrong in doing that, the one thing that you can focus on is doing things in a responsible way. If you want to go somewhere that is 5-10 minutes away from you, opt for a more sustainable mode of commute. It could be walking, riding a cycle or even hitching a ride with some. Instead of cranking up your own car for a 10 minute commute, save that fuel for the generations to come.

Recycle glass

Much like a lot of other non-perishable items, even glass takes hundreds of years to decompose. If that is something that you don’t want to be responsible for, it is important that you recycle glass. This can help reduce the risks of water and air pollution by a lot. It is believed to even reduce the risks of air pollution by 20%, which is nothing short of crazy.

Focus on sustainable eating

What we eat on a daily basis contributes to around quarter of the green house emissions across the world. It is one of the reasons why forests are being cut down and the impacts have been worse on the world. Eating sustainably and responsibly is one of the best ways of handling negative impacts on the planet.

Switching from a heavy meat dominated diet to more of a plant based diet can directly affect the condition and state of the planet. Not just that, switching to a more sustainable and healthy diets can even reduces the impacts on the food bills as well.

Opt for cloth diapers

It doesn’t require an introduction as to why diapers are every new born parent’s best friend. It helps keep your baby clean and prevent any mishaps from happening. While they are quite convenient, they are not the best for the planet. These are made from cotton and after their use, they are used as landfill waste.

Switching to cloth diapers help reduce this waste and prevent further junk from piling in. If you have to use diaper without further questions, one of the best ways to do that is by opting for the brands that are environmentally conscious.

Try reducing your waste

The condition of our planet is not something one needs explanation around. There has been increased rate of global warming, more garbage and constant pollution across the world. While this might not seem like a lot but your waste contribution further adds to the pile.

Majority of the waste that you throw away is incinerated and the same is either filled out on the land or dumped into the sea or ocean. This further contributes to the worsening condition of the Earth. One of the best ways to reverse that is by reducing your waste deposition.

Use the entire piece of paper

We often have a habit of using a part of the paper and throwing the rest. This is one of the worst habits that you need to change. The Paper Industry is one of the biggest ones responsible for deforestation. It contributes to cutting down of trees, which again is something that ends up making things worse for the planet.

Instead of writing in one corner and throwing that paper away, make sure that you make use of the entire paper thoroughly. This help you save a lot of paper and do your little part to save the planet.

Find donation charities

There are several charities across the world that are fight climate change and the constant ill impacts on the Earth. If you want to do your part, one of the best ways to do that is by finding those charities and contributing some amount every now and then.

This helps support these charities who are working on a daily basis on a large scale to bring forth changes in the Earth. Make sure that you opt for the official and well known charities who actually do what they claim.

This Earth day, take an oath to do the maximum to keep the planet in the best possible condition without any further questions. Make sure that you rely on sustainability and recycling more and more.

By Somapika Dutta

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