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January 05, 2022 07:14
RGV Takes A Dig On AP Government

Veteran director Ram Gopal Varma has been taking a dig on the government of Andhra Pradesh for controlling the movie ticket prices in the state. He participated in several debates and Ram Gopal Varma finally took his Twitter page and slammed AP government along with the Cinematography Minister Perni Nani. Here is his post:

"Dear honourable minister of cinematography @perni_nani. Sir, I humbly request you or your representatives to answer the following questions sir. What precisely is the role of government in deciding a market price of any product including films sir? I understand government might intervene and fix a price below or above the equilibrium when there’s a dire shortage of an essential commodity like wheat, rice, kerosene oil etc, But how does that apply to films sir? It’s basics of economics that a forced lowering of price even in food grains will make farmers lose motivation thus causing shortages creating lack of quality, and the same theory will also apply to Film production sir" posted RGV.

He further questioned "Dear honourable minister of cinematography @perni_nani sir, in case you feel cinema is so essential for the poor then why doesn’t the government subsidize it like how you do it for medical and educational services by paying the balance from the government’s pocket sir? Like RATION SHOPS were created to give rice , sugar etc to benefit the poor , would u consider creating RATION THEATRES sir? Administered price is fixed by the government below or above the equilibrium in specific situations. What specific situation did you recognise in the present day film industry scenario sir? The solution can be in theory of a dual price system where producers can sell tickets at their price and government can buy some tickets and sell it to poor at lower prices so that we get our money and you get your votes. Right from the advent of the pioneering economic principles of Adam Smith to the prevailing tenets of laissez-faire systems, it’s a proven fact that government intervention in private business matters never worked. Isn’t it a proven thing that though government’s price control’s intention could be for affordability and stability it has always had an opposite effect such as creating shortages and deterioration of product quality".

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