Five signs of Disordered EatingDisorders Care

March 08, 2022 12:29
Five signs of Disordered Eating

A healthy eating diet will also keep the mental health balanced. Eating disorders are quite common and these are psychological, diagnosis and do not make them too late. Early identification of the signs and symptoms of the eating disorders can help you reduce the risk of their prognosis and can lead to timely treatment. Always, a regular exercise can regulate the physical and mental health. They can damage the body if not taken in a right manner. Overexercising can make you tired and can impact the mental health. All those who are in plans to shed weight on a faster note should skip the thought.

Starving without eating is not a right choice to lose weight. This would have an impact on the physical health by depriving the essential nutrients. Calorie game is problematic for many and this can lead to eating disorders. Some of them consume high-calorie foods on the name of calorie counting. Fats and carbohydrates should be taken and should not be eliminated from the diet. One should track their physical health to avoid health complications. Abrupt weight loss, thinning of hair, deteriorated skin health are some of the signs and visit a doctor if you find such symptoms.

By Siva Kumar

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